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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Islamic Barbie losing out to real thing

An attempt by the Iranian mullahs to create two Islamic Barbie dolls named Dara and Sara has apparently lost out to the real thing, as Iranian students started school on Tuesday with Barbie, Spiderman, Shrek and other 'infidel' characters on their school bags.

Iranian authorities are disappointed that the children’s writing tools are decorated by Hollywood animation figures which are most likely more successful in attracting the Iranians than the local products.

Fewer and fewer children are interested in seeing simple pictures depicting nature, fruit and animals on their school supplies.

Here and there, the local stars “Dara and Sara” were noticeable. The Iranian dolls were created years ago as a substitute for the American Ken and Barbie dolls.

“Dara and Sara” are a brother and sister duo dressed modestly in an attempt to promote traditional Islamic values.

The Iranian Fars news agency reported that “Barbie managed to find a place in the hearts of Iranian school girls.”

Another report stated that Spiderman, Shrek, Superman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are making more and more appearances on children’s belongings.

The news agency also passed implicit criticism on Iran’s cultural institution. “If the country’s cultural officials act the way they should, the local dolls will take the place of Western ones.”
If you can't brainwash kids, how will you brainwash their parents?Hmmm.


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