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Monday, September 22, 2008

'Peace partner' refuses to let child be treated with Israeli drug

Israel's 'peace partner,' 'our friends the Egyptians' are refusing to allow an Egyptian boy with Cystic Fibrosis to be treated with an Israeli drug, claiming that the drug - Creon 1000 - cannot be imported from Israel because there is 'no cooperation' between the two countries. Creon 1000 is manufactured by a company called Solvay, which is actually based in Belgium. The father has taken the unusual step of challenging the Egyptian Health ministry on the pages of Al-Ahram, the 'semi-official' government-sponsored daily newspaper.
In his letter to the newspaper, which was published last Saturday, the boy’s father slammed the Egyptian Ministry of Health for putting politics above welfare.

According to the father, Israel is the only country in the world that produces a drug called Creon 1000 which serves as a substitute for one of the enzymes missing in those suffering from cystic fibrosis.

But even though doctors recommended he obtain the medicine for his son, the father writes, he was turned away by the Health Ministry on the grounds that the drug cannot be imported from Israel as there is no direct cooperation between the two countries.

“When I heard this, it seemed crazy, not only because we actually do cooperate with Israel in different fields but rather because this involves the life of a little boy, who suffers every day, and everyone is evading responsibility,” wrote the father.

He criticized the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the man heading it, and demanded a solution to his son's problem.

“My numerous appeals to the health minister in light of the shortage of this drug go unanswered. The current treatment offered to my son is not helping him and he is suffering from side effects.”
Read the whole thing.

Israel signed a 'peace treaty with Egypt in 1979, and completed the turnover of every last inch of the Sinai Peninsula in 1982. As a result of that treaty, Egypt is now the third largest recipient of American foreign aid after Iraq and Israel. One has to wonder about the purposes for which the Americans are spending their foreign aid money, and what advantage is to be gained by Israel out of making peace with an Arab country (let alone the 'Palestinians') if this is the result.


At 3:15 AM, Blogger Findalis said...

Another example of Muslims cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

At 5:18 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

We will have peace when they love their children more than they hate us.

I see one partner for peace in Egypt.

There is a simple solution to this problem Egypt. A very simple solution.

Sad doesn't quite describe it. Heartbreaking.


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