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Monday, September 22, 2008

Official 'Palestinian Authority' newspaper publishes caricature of Livni with bloodstained knife

The Palestinian Authority published a caricature today in its official newspaper, in which Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is portrayed with a dagger and blood-stained hands next to a white peace dove with its head in a noose. As a result of Prime Minister Olmert's resignation and her election as leader of the Kadima party, Livni has been designated to to try to form the next Israeli government, and could be the next prime minister.

Bottom text from right: "Gio-Kadima"
This is a play on words: Livni's political party is called "Kadima." The original Italian name of Mona Lisa is "La Gioconda."

Hat Tip: Palestinian Media Watch.

It's no great secret that I don't like Livni, but if this is how the 'official' 'Palestinian' media pictures an Israeli leader who is likely willing to give them anything they want, with whom will the 'Palestinians' make peace? Answer: No one in Israel.


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