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Friday, July 07, 2006

Paying the price for 'disengagement'

Maj.-Gen. (res.) Ya'acov Amidror, was the head of the research branch of Military Intelligence in the IDF. He was also one of the highest ranking religious officers the IDF has ever had. He was interviewed by the Jerusalem Post regarding what's going on in Gaza today.

We are now paying just a portion of the price for the withdrawal from Gaza. Because of the pullout, Hamas rose to power. Moreover, its ideology became widely accepted in Gaza.

Before disengagement, no one got through the security fence around the Gaza Strip. The trickle of arms that was being smuggled underneath the Philadelphi corridor has risen to a flood through the Rafah Crossing. And we've had many more Kassams.

What we will see in the future is the rise of al-Qaida and Hizbullah in Gaza. It's been less than a year, just give them enough time.

... it is worth asking so-called strategists like [adviser to former prime minister Ariel Sharon] Dov Weisglass and [former director of the strategic coordination staff in the Prime Minister's Office] Brig.-Gen. (res.) Eival Giladi: how could you bring us to this point, you who promised us salvation?

How? For the love of money - that's how. (And in Sharon's case to try to keep himself and his equally corrupt sons out of jail).


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