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Friday, July 07, 2006

40 down, thousands to go

Some forty Palestinian terrorists (HaAretz still insists on calling them 'militants') have been killed since the beginning of Operation Summer Rains earlier this week, and the 'Palestinians' are 'in shock' at the length and intensity of the operation. But the Kassam fire is continuing - another one hit Sderot this morning - as the IDF attempts to deal with the Kassam launch sites and with the thousands of weapons that have crossed into Gaza through the porous Egyptian border since the territory was surrendered last August.

Details on what exactly is going on in Gaza has been vague and according to YNet, there is good reason for that:

According to Gaza Division Commander Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi, the IDF does not plan to reveal how long the operation will last and what methods are being used by the soldiers, in a bid to surprise the other side.

"The operations we are carrying out in a number of centers have several aims," Kochaci said. "First, we want to harm the terror organization's infrastructures. We are talking about operation of uncovering tangles areas, dunes and other places from where terror cells are operating."

The division commander clarified that each operation has been legally validated "and is not the decision made by a battalion commander or by myself. This can also provide us with an advantage in the future in dealing with the Qassams by using different technologies," he said.

Will this completely prevent the fire? "Not necessarily, but one must add to this the number of terrorists killed in such an operation and the general atmosphere – electricity blackouts, damaging routes – this is what may eventually bring about an understanding on their part that firing at Israel is not worthwhile; that this is not an equation that they should be part of."
HaAretz, Israel's Hebrew Palestinian daily took that quote and headlined it (at the link above) "Top IDF officials: Gaza raid won't halt rocket fire."

YNet is also reporting based on 'Palestinian' sources that only terrorists remain in Beit Lahiya, a town that was used as a launching pad for Kassams, with the residents having fled due to the IDF fire. Palestinian sources reported that many residents from the town of Beit Lahiya, and particularly from the al-Atatra neighborhood, where the fighting is centered, have left their homes. Even the human shields have fled as seen in the picture below:

The 'Palestinian Health Ministry is reporting that some eighty people have been wounded and that there is a shortage of blood.

Beit Lahiya is suffering from severe electricity blackouts, and there has been no electricity supply to most of its parts since the IDF began its northern Gaza Strip operation.


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