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Monday, June 15, 2015

Israel working to create safe area in Syria for Druze

Fearful of a genocide of Syrian Druze, Israel is working with other countries, the International Red Cross and the United Nations to bring about the creation of a safe zone for Druze and other religious minorities in southern Syria according to a report at the website Walla! (link in Hebrew) that has been confirmed by Israeli diplomatic sources. The Red Cross refuses to confirm the report.

According to the report, Israel says it cannot take in hundreds of thousands of Druze, but it is working toward a safe zone in the area of Idlib, near where the borders of Israel, Syria and Jordan come together. The Druze, like other religious minorities in Syria, support President Bashar al-Assad and fear a massacre by Islamist forces as the Assad regime apparently collapses.

Israel says that it will not stand by and watch a genocide on its borders.

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