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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Children shall not be put to death over the sins of their fathers and fathers over the sins of their children?

A 45-year old mother from Beit Shemesh has been arrested in an effort to pressure her teenaged son to confess to involvement in 'price tag' attacks.
The woman's son was arrested on Friday near Elad on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a crime, police said, after he and other youths were found carrying nails and hammers. Police arrested the teens, claiming possession of the building materials constituted conspiracy to commit a "price tag" attack. 
Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, rights lawyer and advocate for the rights group Honenu, is representing both defendants. Ben-Gvir has already appealed on the youth's behalf to the District Court, demanding that the young man be released tomorrow if there is still no progress in the investigation. 
"The system is losing its senses," family members stated, following the mother's arrest. "Just last week there were a number of attacks and a Jewish teenage girl [Shelly Dadon - ed.] was murdered - and instead of fighting the real enemy they are wasting their time on good Jews."
"It is time to differentiate between friend and enemy," they added. 
Ben-Gvir also spoke about the arrest, deriding police forces for harping on petty allegations.
"The court ruled today that if there is no progress in the investigation than the son must be released," he stated. "The police have decided to make a drama out of the courtroom. Worst of all is the pressure they put on the youth when he sees his mother arrested, which encourages him to make a false confession."
In the Jewish state 66 years on, the edict that parents not be punished for their children's sins, and vice versa, is somehow forgotten....

Still waiting for the Leftist Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) to speak up about this. For God's sake, it's vandalism, not terrorism.

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