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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Obama's relapse

Dan F shares this email from his friend Chaim in Israel.
The short of it.

Panetta was sent by Soetoro and he arrived with the "isolation" gig on tow.

The duo "forgot" that Israel and Jews have lived in isolation since before 1948 with only a putative and short lived pause with the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

Isolation is nothing new for us except that this time it is plainly orchestrated by... the US administration.

While we have been "isolated" Israel has turned into a major financial center and industrial powerhouse.

Panetta was sent to meet with Barak for a while. Panetta must have been briefed on that Barak is a wipe out.

Netanyahu met Panetta on a Knesset side room for about 10 minutes. Everyone here including the SHUK vendors knows about the Syrian threat of rocketing Tel Aviv, etc, if anyone attacks Assad. Just as much, everyone here knows what will be the retaliation by Israel.

Netanyahu came out of a Cabinet meeting reviewing a report presented by a commission set up to propose financial re allocations.

Panetta then met with General Gantz and Israeli intelligence.

He gone.

The US-EU received Israel's acceptance to meet with the Abbas. No further talk on this.


We will see what pops as days go by.


Obama really doesn't get Jews or Israel, does he?

By the way, the shuk (open air market) vendors are usually the first to know anything here.

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