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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You want who to keep the peace?

Lenny Ben David has a series of pictures that show how Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon were breached. The picture above - of Lebanese Armed Forces troops making a half-hearted effort to stop Lebanese infiltrators from approaching the border fence - is just one of many. But to me, the key point that needs to be learned on a long-term basis from Sunday's events is this one:
View the pictures of the UN peacekeeping forces along Israel's border with Lebanon and Syria -- UNIFIL and UNDOF -- trying to stop the incursions and protect the peace. Oh, wait, there are no such pictures because the force mandated to keep peace was nowhere to be seen when Israel's sovereignty and security were under attack. So much for the idea floating around Washington to meet Israel's security demands in a peace agreement with the Palestinians by providing a foreign peacekeeping force on the West Bank.

Read the whole thing.

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