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Monday, April 04, 2011

Goldstone's damage

JINSA does a good job of describing the damage that Richard Goldstone and his report inflicted on Israel.
Goldstone insists that, "The purpose of the Goldstone Report was never to prove a foregone conclusion against Israel."

Oddly, he may be right. The "foregone conclusion" was only a starting point for the real evil. The "purpose" of the Goldstone inquisition was to create international equivalence between Israel and Hamas; between Israel and those who would destroy a sovereign state and member of the United Nations; between defenders and aggressors; between firemen and arsonists. Between Jews and those who would exterminate Jews. And it succeeded in spades. The villainy of Goldstone was to set in motion the wheels of an international "justice" system that is flawed in its construct and disgusting in its execution. The evil perpetrated was to make Israel stand in the dock of the UN Human Rights Council - judged not only by Goldstone (always called a "respected jurist" but by whom is unclear) and friends, but also by the likes of Libya, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia and North Korea. Judged by the "international community," most of which has a faulty moral compass and a sliding moral scale.

The bitterness for Israel and its friends was not that Israel was judged by people who were publicly biased in their work or hateful in their mien, it was the excruciating and false even-handedness with which Goldstone carved out his original bookends - "the mission concluded that actions amounting to war crimes and possibly in some respect crimes against humanity were committed by the Israel Defense Forces" and, on the other hand, Hamas missile fire into Israel, "was deliberate and calculated to cause loss of life and injury to civilians and damage to civilian infrastructure," and the mission "found that these actions also amounted to serious war crimes and also possibly crimes against humanity."

They weren't judging, mind you, just "finding." Goldstone writes, "We did not investigate criminal conduct on the part of any individual in Israel, Gaza or the West Bank. We made our recommendations based on the record before us, which unfortunately did not include any evidence provided by the Israeli government(emphasis added). Indeed, our main recommendation was for each party to investigate, transparently and in good faith, the incidents referred to in our report."

Read the whole thing.

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At 11:12 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Goldstone and his fellow panelists ignored all the unofficial testimony submitted by private Israelis.

It was clear their mandate was to find Israel guilty and nothing Israel could have done would have deflected them from it.

What's contemptible is to write that if Israel had only cooperated in its own lynching, Goldstone might have written some nicer things about the Jewish State.

Israel needed a "friend" like Goldstone like it needed enemies.


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