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Monday, October 18, 2010

The 'Elders' ask the 'expert'

A delegation of Jimmy Carter's 'Elders' is currently visiting the Gaza Strip. The delegation is being led by former Irish Prime Minister and Durban Conference chair Mary Robinson. Look whom Robinson is trusting to 'investigate' human rights violations:
In our meetings with the authorities we raised issues of human rights violations that were reported to us. Mr Haniyeh said that if they were provided with specific allegations, they would investigate and report the outcome to us. He also said that any mistakes would be corrected.
Eamonn McDonagh comments:
All that intelligence and experience and she doesn’t realize that asking Haniye about human rights violations is every bit as absurd as asking Pope if he’s a Catholic or Kobe Bryant if he plays basketball. The very essence of Haniye and Hamas is the denial of human rights. They want to cleanse Israel of Jews and replace it with an Islamic state. They hold power in Gaza as a result of a bloody coup. They are morally and materially supported by Iran, a state whose president only a few days ago repeated his desire to kick the Jews out of Israel. They are open and frank about their beliefs and political ambitions.

And Mary Robinson raises questions of human rights with them and calmly swallows their answers.
But that's the Orwellian aspect of the current situation. The world treats the terrorists as if they are civilized. And it treats the civilized countries that are trying to fight the terrorists as if they (and in particular, Israel) were run by terrorists.

The absurdity ought to make it clear that God is running the World. Human nature could not possibly be so foolish.


At 7:22 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - don't blame them. Israel itself is negotiating with terrorists and treating them like civilized statesmen.

For once, Jews have no right to accuse others of doing the same thing they themselves are openly doing.

That would be chutzpah.


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