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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anyone but Rubio?

I've been pushing those of you in Florida to vote for Marco Rubio for the US Senate. Rubio won the Republican nomination against Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Crist, a political opportunist who makes Arlen Specter look like a party loyalist, has since decided to run as an independent and has decided to flush his previous support for positions that Democrats wouldn't like down the memory hole. Will it be enough to get the Democrats to throw their support behind Crist? It might be if the Democratic nominee turns out to be one Jeff Greene, who is known for his tastes in erotic art and his friendship with former boxer Mike Tyson. Greene made millions betting against the real estate bubble and is now challenging for the Democratic nomination. And Crist is busy doing flip flops trying to gain Democratic support under an "anyone but Rubio" banner.
In his most recent about-face, Mr. Crist changed his policy on travel to Cuba. In 2008, Mr. Crist signed a law imposing taxes on companies that traveled to and from the communist country. This week, he told Floridians: "I think that what the [Obama] administration has done by allowing families to visit [Cuba] is compassionate."

Mr. Crist has removed pro-life references from his campaign site, endorsed the president's off-shore oil moratorium, and come out in support of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. He has also made efforts to ally himself with unions and President Obama, vetoing a merit pay bill for teachers, which infuriated education reformists and conservatives. In another slap at his former supporters, he agreed to speak at the state AFL-CIO convention last month (the union thanked him by endorsing his Democratic opponent Kendrick Meek anyway).

Most of all, there's his wild weathervane swingings on President Obama. First he embraced the president and his stimulus bill, then he tried to distance himself from both during the GOP primary. Now he's keen to associate himself with the president again to hype up their oil spill recovery efforts.
And who is Marco Rubio? Conservative, consistent and a very strong supporter of Israel. Watch the videos here, here, here and here. And look closely at the picture below. What's that on his left lapel? You guessed it - an American-Israeli flag pin. I'll bet Crist doesn't have one.


At 5:25 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

an American-Israeli flag pin. I'll bet Crist doesn't have one.

Many wore this pin Carl. What does that mean?

Do you have an embassy in Jerusalem? I could list about 25 other problems you have because of who else wore that pin but what good does it do.

You talk about stupid Jews all the time. But seriously, to blindly trust just because of words and no recognition the sham of the previous administration having the audacity to label themselves as best friends tells me, stupid is as stupid does.

Nixon wore a flag lapel pin. 90 percent of the antisemites in the neighborhood where I was raised waved flags and went to Church every Sunday.

Like crazed ants crawling over honey the ironies are endless as to how everyone loves Israel in an election cycle but when their president was in office they stood back and watched Israel get screwed over.

Have at it.

At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

crist has been a friend to the jews in florida and a staunch supporter of israel

jews supported rubio only because crist did what all good republicans do...allowed a man sentenced to death to die

thing was, that man was a jew who said that he had done tshuva

so what?

that conservatives are turning their backs on a good conservative like crist and trying to turn him into a liberal shows how far the party has sunk

rubio is an idiot...ive heard him speak

sure, he is playing to the jewish community...big deal

his positions on almost every other issue are knee jerk and play to the tea bagger crowd


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