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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The latest news from Israel: How to teach the 'naqba'

Here's another news update from Latma. The highlight of this one is a 'debate' between an Arab professor and a member of Israel's Leftist media over whether the 'naqba' (the 'catastrophe' of the establishment of the State of Israel) should only be taught in all of our schools or should also be a requirement for a high school diploma and entrance to university.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Shy Guy).


At 11:52 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Funny as hell... only in Israel would they have a debate over whether Israel's existence is "racism" and whether its impolitic to oppose illegal immigration.

Only in Israel!

At 6:20 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

From a more serious perspective, Arutz Sheva presented a long and serious reply to a Jamaican anti-Semite by the name of Patrick Wilmot. Let's appreciate the difference between the Holocaust and Israel's so-called occupation decried by "enlightened" world opinion. This captures the flavor of the response quite well:

"INN Staff: Let’s see now. Jews in Nazi Europe suffered mass execution in front of pits they were forced to dig, gas chambers, torture and medical experiments. The lucky ones lived in hiding unless betrayed or survived concentration and slave camps. Before that period they were fired from jobs, thrown out of schools. Businesses and synagogues were destroyed, old men were forced to wash streets on hands and knees, their possessions were looted, they were forced to wear yellow stars, etc. etc. The world’s doors were closed to them. The Nazis went about extermination systematically and efficiently."

"Can Arabs living in the areas under Israeli control: Attend university? Yes. Avoid national service? Yes. Have access to all medical facilities? Yes. Work in their various professions? Yes. Open businesses? Yes. .Emigrate? Yes. Shop, travel, picnic, ride public transportation?. Yes. etc. etc."

"What would happen if they called an end to terror? They and we would all be sitting under our fig trees and grapevines. What would happen if they put down their arms unilaterally? There would be no more war. What would happen if Israel would put down its arms unilaterally? There would be no Israel."

The final two sentences captures beautifully the existential nature of the conflict Israel has to live with. As the editors note, the Jews in Nazi Europe were stripped of their human rights, they had property and money stolen from them and they were tortured, beaten and killed in ways that to this day, still defy the imagination. Had they all been killed, there would be no Israel today and neither you and I would having this exchange of views on your blog. In contrast, despite the fact the Palestinian Arabs would in all likelihood kill every Jew if it ever was within their power, they have full rights, own property and money and the Jewish State has not only protected their lives but has extended to them the hand of peace and brotherhood. Would that the Germans had extended it to the Jews.

The point is Israel has a powerful case based on history, moral experience and the law. It hard to think of a circumstance in the life of nation in which its case is so justified and yet this nation endures calumny, slander and condemnation every day it exists upon the earth.

Those who hate the Jews won't be moved by the facts. But one can hope that fair-minded people will understand Israel much better than before. There's lots more. Read it here and read it all


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