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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rachel Corrie and friends played Chicken with IDF bulldozers

The IDF's trial in the death of Rachel Corrie continues apace in a Haifa courtroom. We already know that this is a prelude to suing Israel in the International Criminal Court: Corrie's father admits that they are required to exhaust their remedies in Israel first.

Lenny Ben David exposes for the first time that Corrie and her friends from the ISM were playing Chicken with IDF bulldozers, apparently in a bid to prove their bona fides to their friends from Hamas, who were unhappy that some of their men were following around the un-Islamic, attractive American women. Prior to Corrie's death, two other ISM members were pulled out from under bulldozers that day.
But the ISM group was frustrated, Newsweek’s Joshua Hammer wrote in a 2003 exhaustive report on Corrie in the leftist Mother Jones magazine:
An anonymous letter was circulating which referred to Corrie and the other expatriate women in Rafah as “nasty foreign bitches” whom “our Palestinian young men are following around.”

That morning [of Corrie’s death], the ISM team tried to devise a strategy to counteract the letter’s effects. “We all had a feeling that our role was too passive,” said one ISM member. “We talked about how to engage the Israeli military.” That morning, team members made a number of proposals that seemed designed only to aggravate the problem.

“The idea was to more directly challenge the Israeli military dominance using our international status,” said the ISMer.
On the day of Corrie’s death, the new ISM aggressive actions involved placing themselves in severe danger. Eyewitness reports recorded immediately after Corrie’s death prove that the ISMers had knowingly decided to put themselves in harm’s way.

Reported here — for the first time — is the fact that prior to Corrie’s death at least two “internationals” had been pulled out from under the bulldozers at the last second.

According to one of Corrie’s colleagues, whose recollections were published three days after her death (emphasis mine):
For two hours we attempted at great risk to ourselves to obstruct and frustrate the bulldozers in their work.
Another ISM colleague stated:
Our group began to stand in front of these bulldozers in an attempt to stop them. Generally they did not stop when we stood in front of them, but continued to push the earth up from underneath our feet to push us away. Several times we had to dive away at the last moment in order to avoid being crushed. This continued for about two and a half hours. … At one point, Will from the United States was nearly crushed between the bulldozer and a pile of razor wire. The bulldozer stopped at the last minute in Will’s case. If it had moved any closer he would have been impaled by the razor wire.
Besides “Will,” Newsweek’s Hammer reported on “Jenny’s” close call:
An Irish peace activist named Jenny was nearly run down by a D9. “The bulldozer’s coming, the earth is burying my feet, my legs, I’ve got nowhere to run, and I thought, ‘This is out of control,’” she told me. “Another activist pulled me up and out of the way at the last minute.”
On that day in March 2003, the ISM internationals had decided to play a game of Russian roulette with the Israeli army, and Corrie lost.
Read it all.


At 2:33 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

You had a stupid young woman who senselessly threw away her life and her supposed leftist friends did nothing to protect her from the danger. Israel did nothing to endanger her as the testimony has revealed. But the need to blame Israel has turned out to be far stronger than the truth.

At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:08 PM, Blogger Johannes said...

Corries parents can´t sue Israel at the ICC.
Israel isn´t a member state of the court and the occupied territories is not a state.

At 11:00 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

Thank G-d the world has yet another Rachel Corrie to show how bad Israel is. How lucky the world has such an occasion to use their hate against Jews even when they know the truth of what motivates that truth.

My prediction even if she came back and told the truth, no one would hear it.

Therein lies the rub wouldn't you say?

The legacy of Rachel Corrie by those who wish us ill will serve them well for a very long time.

At 4:19 AM, Blogger Alexander Maccabee said...

She was an idiot. So are her friends. What imbecile plays "chicken" with a bulldozer?


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