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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Egypt and Jordan trying to force 'Palestinians' to move to Israel

Egypt and Jordan are trying to force 'Palestinians' that live in their countries to move to Israel.
Egypt and Jordan are the two Arab countries with which Israel has peace treaties. Two months ago the administrative court in Egypt handed down a ruling instructing the interior minister to revoke the citizenship of Egyptian men who married Israeli women, as well as that of their children. The reasoning was not new.

"Because the children of such mixed couples can have dual citizenship, Egyptian and Israeli, there is a danger that these Egyptian children will be drafted into the Israel Defense Forces, and this means that there is a danger to Egyptian national security," explained the judge.


The court's ruling and the decision to appeal it naturally led to a long series of reactions by readers and Web surfers, who mentioned, among other things, that the Egyptian citizens married Palestinian women, "who were forced to take Israeli citizenship by dint of the tragic circumstances brought about by the 1948 war."

"Do you think that all the Arabs in Israel are with the Israeli government? Not at all," declared one Web surfer.

Another complained of the fact that while the Egyptian government "married the Israeli government," a reference to the 1979 peace deal, an Egyptian court wants to cancel the marriages of Egyptian citizens to Israeli citizens. "Where is the shame?" the surfer wondered.

There is no question that Israeli women, even if they are Arabs, constitute a terrible danger to Egyptian security.

If their children don't end up spies then they will be pilots in the Israel Air Force.
Of course, what the Egyptians are hoping is that without any rights in Egypt, these 'Palestinian' women and their children (and possibly their Egyptian or 'Palestinian' husbands) will move to Israel, where they will have rights. In the meantime, these people are being held hostage to Arab aspirations to destroy the Jewish state by flooding it with 'Palestinians.'

In Jordan, with a 70%-'Palestinian' population, the situation is, if anything, worse.
A Jordanian woman who marries a foreigner, including a Palestinian, cannot grant him or their children citizenship. If they divorce or he deserts her, the children are left with his citizenship and cannot benefit from Jordanian civil rights, which include a free education and low-cost health care. The Jordanian interior minister, Naif al-Qhadi, explained about 10 days ago that "it is impossible to grant civil rights to the foreign family members of Jordanian women, because there are about 62,000 Jordanian women married to foreigners, 37,000 of them Palestinian men."

But in Jordan there is another interesting twist to the law. Ex-pat Palestinians from the West Bank who are not refugees from 1948 can carry two types of identity cards, one yellow, which is valid for five years, and the other green, valid for two years - amounting to a temporary residence permit.

In recent years Jordan has been conducting a campaign to reduce the number of Palestinians carrying yellow ID cards, in order to encourage them to return to the West Bank. In the four years since the program's inception, about 2,700 holders of yellow IDs have been transferred. The trend is intensifying and causing a vehement public debate in the kingdom.
That's right folks, a 'Palestinian' is considered a 'foreigner' in Jordan.

While the Obama administration is looking for 'gestures' toward Israel from the Arab states in return for a 'settlement freeze,' maybe they ought to ask the two countries with whom we have signed treaties to stop trying to re-settle 'Palestinians' in Israel? That would have the additional advantage of sending a message that there isn't going to be a 'right of return.'

No, don't expect that to happen anytime soon either. The Obumbler only knows how to pressure 'allies' like Israel and Honduras.


At 9:21 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Arabs are still trying to force Israel to accept a right of return. And this is from two countries ostensibly at "peace" with Israel.

What could go wrong indeed

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Michael B said...

I recall reading some commentary, while Saddam & Sons were still in power, that indicated Iraq was the only nation that allowed "Palestinians" to become fully vested citizens with rights to vote and own property. Don't know anything about the veridical quality of that commentary as it would require knowledge of the laws of 20+ countries, though it was confirmed in some additional comments read more recently.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Michael B,

That is true. Saddam adored the 'Palestinians.' When he was deposed, the Iraqis - who hated the privileges that the 'Palestinians' got under Saddam - expelled all the 'Palestinians' from their homes. Those 'Palestinians' are now living in a refugee camp on the Iraqi-Syrian border. Syria won't let them in.

I did a post about them here.


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