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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Chutzpa: Iran asks Interpol to arrest doctor who tried to save dying girl

A Spanish web site is reporting that Iran has asked Interpol to arrest the Iranian doctor Arash Hejazi, who attended to young Neda Agha Sultan after she was shot at one of the demonstrations protesting the re-election of the Iranian president Mahmud Ahmedinejad.
“Interpol and officers of the Ministry of Intelligence are already in pursuit of Hejazi”, said Iranian chief of police general Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam, who was quoted by the local news agency Fars.

“He is being sought because, as a witness, he has caused some confusion. The murder (of Neda) was something organized and has nothing to do with the disturbances in Tehran”, said the official.


Hejazi, who traveled to London after the death of Neda, is the man seen in the photo who is trying to help the girl after her having been shot in the chest.

Upon his arrival to the British capital, he stated that the girl had been murdered by the police and, after seeing the video on the internet, he decided to return to London because he feared for his life.

Hejazi, who resides in Oxford, is the only Farsi translator of the works of the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

The Iranian regime, who accuses the West of being behind the post-election unrest, has suggested that the death of Neda was staged by some foreign news media.

Ahmadinejad announced Monday that he had asked the Judiciary to investigate the “mysterious” death of the young music student.
Translation of full article here.


At 2:14 AM, Blogger jack fulcher said...

He's the only translator of some Brazilian writer's work into Farsi? Talk about creating a niche for yourself.


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