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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hamas hands out paychecks at Gaza City's Shifa hospital

I've mentioned several times over the past week that senior Hamas commanders are hiding out in or underneath Gaza's Shifa Hospital. That's the same hospital where the fake atrocity video pictured at left was done. In a Monday morning interview with Israel's army radio, Public Security Minister and former General Security Services chief Avi Dichter filled in some details about that claim.
"On Saturday, January 10, which is the day salaries are distributed in Gaza, several Hamas commanders who cannot come out of their hiding places were given their salaries at their hiding places. But those commanders who can move around Gaza made their way to Shifa Hospital to receive their salaries."

Regarding Israeli intelligence reports that the Hamas leadership has taken refuge in Gaza's Shifa Hospital, Dichter said that the "Shifa Hospital has long ago ceased to be just a hospital, just as the UNRWA humanitarian and health services in Gaza long ago ceased to be just humanitarian services providing food and medical services."

"UN schools in Gaza long ago stopped being just schools," the minister said. "All these services and places are refuge for Hamas terrorists and commanders."

The former Shin Bet chief said that is was common knowledge in Gaza that Hamas hold meeting in the hospital. "Shifa Hospital, which is situated in the more wealthy western part of Gaza City, is a very big hospital, but you can hear from the Palestinians who visit there, it is somewhat of an open secret, that Hamas commanders walk around the hospital, in some instances wearing doctors' robes," he said. "In some cases the Hamas commanders kick medical teams out of rooms so that they can hold meetings."
So why isn't Israel attacking Shifa Hospital? You can guess:
"Shifa is in the middle of a very crowded area in Gaza and you would have to get through half-a-million Gazans to get to the hospital and arrest Hamas people there. So that's not doable. Striking the hospital is out of the question for obvious reasons. So in this case we have to just bite our lips," he said.
In the old days, we would have sent Ehud Barak dressed in drag to arrest kill Haniyeh, Zahar and Siam. Too bad the IDF has lost its nerve.

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At 3:19 PM, Blogger ledger said...

I think Israeli commanders are going to have to decide when a “hospital” becomes a Command and Control Center for terrorist’s activities.

If it is apparent that the “hospital” is housing terrorist commanders who plan to kill or dismember thousand thousands of Israeli citizens then it becomes a Command and Control Center and a legitimate target.

The Israeli military may have to occupy the “hospital” or even strike it to put an end to its uses a Command and Control Center. Or, IDF may send in commandos to root out the terrorists.

Further, the so called "hospital” is very vulnerable to loss of electricity, water, road access and so on.

But, sooner or later, a decision has to be made as to the military status of a so called “hospital” which hosts to Terrorists and is a danger to Israeli citizens.

At 3:01 AM, Blogger Michael Travis said...

Following World War Two Nazi broadcaster propagandist-Collaborator "Lord Haw-Haw" (William Joyce) was hanged for treason. Joyce was clearly involved in the Third-Reich's war against the West, and deserved his fate. Today we have thousands of U.S. citizens wreaking havoc on America's streets in a display of solidarity with our Islamic enemies.... I suggest the same penalties be administered to these supporters of world terrorism.

In the current Gaza operations, the United Nations (UNWRA) workers and their spokesmen are undeniably working as the propaganda and disinformation arm of the HAMAS terror organisation. It is total insanity that the IDF does not regard these U.N. "workers" as high ranking officers of HAMAS, and treat them accordingly.

Victory over HAMAS cannot be achieved until the United Nations wing of their terror group is eliminated.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Ledger and Michael,

I agree with both of you. But the chattering classes are too worried about our image in the world to allow a strike against Shifa. And note that none of the patients there are terrorists - recall that Hamas set up its own hospital last week for the terrorists.


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