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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Future Doctors for Hamas

Debbie Schlussel has ripped the mask off hundreds of students in American medical schools - including students at Yeshiva University's Albert Einstein Medical Center and Touro College's College of Osteopathic medicine and tens of Jewish students - who have signed a petition backing Hamas. The petition is being circulated by one Simeon Kimmel (pictured) - a Jewish student at Harvard Medical School who would have been subject to severe quotas sixty years ago - and was authored by seven students at Boston-area medical schools, as many as four of whom may be Jewish based on their last names.

I would suggest that you go to Debbie's site and print out the list of names for future reference.

Debbie has already been threatened with a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suit by Yale Medical Student Omer Ibrahim. Debbie published part of her correspondence with Ibrahim, and I found the following curious:

2) Here's the FUNNIEST part. You'll love this. In American Law, what you posted would be labelled as libel and slander. And JUST IMAGINE EVEY SINGLE person on that list will be making a salary in the 6 figure digits. MEANING with at least HALF of them suing you for this clear and utter slander against their character, you will be in so much fucking debt that your grandchildren are going to need

I would think about THAT before you decide to wage a war against one of this society's most influential and powerful people. If I were you, I'd delete that post. ASAP.

Someone had better tell Ibrahim that most doctors in the US these days graduate with a huge amount of debt, and it takes many years before those 'six figure incomes' become something that you can waste on this type of lawsuit. The statute of limitations is likely to run by then.

Maybe Ibrahim's tuition is being paid by the Saudis?

By the way, there are a lot better reasons not to use Muslim doctors than support for Hamas. Please recall that the Muslims use a different version of the Hippocratic oath:
The following was actually posted in the comments section of the well-known European blog Brussels Journal. In the main article to which the comment relates, some well-known doctors who were or are terrorist leaders are named, including George Habash and Mahmoud al-Zahar. But there have been many others including former Arafat advisor Ahmed Tibi, Hamas leader Abdul Aziz al Rantissi, and others. Did they take the Hippocratic Oath I cited above - never do harm to anyone? If what's written below is the Hippocratic Oath that they took, it would sure explain a lot of things and give Israeli Jews a reason to fear being treated by Arab doctors:
Muslims have their own version of the Hippocratic Oath.(Note the potential "get out clause" toward the end of the text).


Praise be Allah, the Teacher, the Unique, Majesty of the heavens, the Exhaulted, the Glorious, Glory be to Him, the Eternal Being Who Created the Universe and all the creatures within, and the only Being Who contained the infinity and the eternity. We serve no other god besides Thee and regard idolatry as an abominable injustice.

Give us the strength to be truthful, honest, modest, merciful and objective.

Give us the fortitude to admit our mistakes, to amend our ways and to forgive the wrongs of others.

Give us wisdom to comfort and counsel all towards peace and harmony.

Give us the understanding that ours is a profession sacred that deals with your most precious gifts of life and intellect.

Therefore, make us worthy of this favoured station with honor, dignity and piety so that we may devote our lives in serving mankind, poor or rich, literate or illiterate, Muslim or non-Muslim, black or white with patience and tolerance with virtue and reverence, with knowledge and vigilance, with Thy love in our hearts and compassion for Thy servants, Thy most precious creation.

Hereby we take this oath in Thy name, the Creator of all the Heavens and the earth and follow Thy counsel as Thou has revealed to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

"Whoever killeth a human being, not in lieu of another human being nor because of mischief on earth, it is as if he hath killed all mankind. And if he saveth a human life, he hath saved the life of all mankind". (Qur'an V/35). [Emphasis mine. CiJ]

[This medical oath which is complete from the historical and contemporary writings of physicians of Islamic World, was officially adopted by I.M.A. in 1977].

Islamic Medical Association of North America.
I went to the web site linked above and found a statement of ethics that does not mention the 'killing another human' phrase. But the oath as stated above is found here.
Think about that before you let a Muslim doctor operate on you.


At 5:47 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

What you should think about Carl - is the low Muslim regard for human life. If you're an infidel, Jew or Christian - keep your distance from a Muslim if you value your life and by no means only a doctor.


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