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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Calling Joe the Plumber

Michelle Malkin broke the news on Wednesday that Joe the Plumber will be heading to Israel as a correspondent for Pajamas Media.

The Ohio man, who became famous during the U.S. presidential campaign after asking Barack Obama about his tax plan, is heading to Israel as a war correspondent for a conservative Web site called pjtv.com.

Dubbed “Joe the Plumber” by McCain’s campaign, Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher was held up as an example of an American worker who would be hurt economically by Obama’s election.

Wurzelbacher says he’ll spend 10 days covering the fighting and explaining why Israeli forces are mounting attacks against Hamas.

He tells WNWO-TV in Toledo that he wants “go over there and let their ‘Average Joes’ share their story.”

I don't know whether I qualify as an average Joe, but I believe I have a very different perspective than PJ Media's bureau chief, and if he'd like to meet me, I would love to meet with him.

Besides, if you all go and vote for me once every 24 hours as Best Midsize Blog, I could officially be the most popular blogger in Israel.


More here and here.


At 6:59 PM, Blogger Mother Effingby said...

I voted for you yesterday, and probably again, today, Carl!

ooh! the word verication says WAXER today! lovely. Oops. it changed: now it says defurru. I think we should give these captcha words definitions.


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