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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Breaking: Two Grad rockets shot at Kiryat Malachi, Kiryat Gat; UPDATE Ashkelon too; UPDATE Direct hit on apartment in Ashdod

Israel Radio has just reported that two Grad-style Katyusha rockets were shot at Kiryat Malachi and Kiryat Gat. No injuries and no property damage.

Some 'cease fire,' isn't it?


A Grad-type Katyusha rocket hit Ashkelon ten minutes ago. No word yet on any damage or injuries.


The rocket count for today now stands at 15.

An apartment building in Ashdod has taken a direct hit. There was no warning alarm. But only one person was lightly hit. There were people in the apartment but miraculously that was the only injury. Ashdod's mayor told the Israel Radio reporter that the alarm system did not identify the rocket as a Grad rocket. It will be fixed to identify everything that comes from Ashkelon northward.

In the last two minutes there was another Grad-type rocket shot at the Eshkol region. We're getting close to 20 rockets today. This rocket was after the Hamas 'acceptance' of the 'cease fire.' See that last-linked post to see why the 'acceptance' is meaningless.


In Ashdod, make that one moderately wounded, two lightly wounded and 'several' shock victims. I suppose if I were sitting in my living room watching TV (as these people were) and a rocket came in through the wall or the window with no warning, I'd be shocked too.


At 11:58 AM, Blogger Abu Yussif said...

a ceasefire for me, but not for thee. didn't know it works that way, but then again what do i know?

At 5:49 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Its OK when the Jews are attacked. That's what the world and Israel's mindlessly stupid and cowardly leaders expect: for them to sit there and just take it and to suffer and die.


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