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Friday, January 04, 2008

Aliza's strategy is working: Ehud asks to be raped

The new picture of Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert is courtesy of EC Marm, a regular commenter at Little Green Footballs. You can find more work from EC Marm here.

Those of you who are versed in the Greek classics have probably figured out what Aliza Olmert is up to. Her husband, Ehud K. Olmert, is now so desperate to remain in office at any price, that he has now joined Haaretz editor David Landau in asking President Bush and Secretary of State Rice to rape Israel. Caroline Glick has the proof:
The pro-rape crowd's influence, which rose after Israel's defeat in the war with Hizbullah in 2006, became decisive over the past few months as the date of the publication of the Winograd Commission of inquiry's final report on the war approaches. The report, set to be issued later this month, is expected to find Prime Minister Ehud Olmert responsible for Israel's failure to defeat Iran's foreign legion in Lebanon.

To offset the public's demand for his resignation which the report will likely cause, Olmert has worked overtime to woo the Landau crowd. To this end, he courts Syria, advocates Israel's withdrawal from Judea, Samaria and parts of Jerusalem, refuses to take action against either Iran, or the burgeoning Iranian-trained Hamas army in Gaza.

Then too, a week before US President George W. Bush's first presidential visit to Israel, Olmert gave an interview to the Jerusalem Post where he went out of his way to prove that Landau is right. His government does wish to be "raped" by the US.

Sounding more like a Palestinian spokesman than the leader of Israel, Olmert attacked his own country claiming that it isn't abiding by its obligations to the terror-supporting Palestinians. In his words, "There is a certain contradiction… between what we're actually seeing and what we ourselves promised. We always complain about the [breached] promises of the other side. Obligations are not only to be demanded of others, but they must also be honored by ourselves."


The immediate danger Israel faces stems not from demography but from the ideology of jihad that has convinced the Arab and Islamic world to seek Israel's destruction rather than accept it. Shrinking into indefensible borders will only exacerbate that problem by telling the jihadists that Israel can be destroyed through violence and terror.

Olmert also argued that Israel must give up its sovereignty over Jerusalem because Israel's supporters want it to. In his words, "the world that is friendly to Israel...that really supports Israel, when it speaks of the future, it speaks of Israel in terms of the '67 borders. It speaks of the division of Jerusalem."

So in an English interview, the week before Bush's arrival in the country, Olmert essentially asked Israel's friend in the White House to pressure Israel to concede its vital national rights and interests.

In the same interview with the Post Olmert acknowledged that his putative peace partner — Fatah leader and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas — does not recognize Israel's right to exist and demands the so-called "right of return" for millions of foreign descendants of Arabs who left Israel in 1948. But, he soothed, this is not a cause for worry.

Olmert's not worried, because Olmert can see into Abbas's soul. As he put it, "If you ask [Abbas] to say that he sees Israel as a Jewish state, he will not say that. But if you ask me whether in his soul he accepts Israel, as Israel defines itself, I think he does."


On the heels of Larijani's visit, Mubarak broke on his pledge to Defense Minister Ehud Barak from a week ago not to allow the thousands of Hamas terrorists seeking to return to Gaza after traveling to Saudi Arabia to enter the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing where Israel has no security presence. Wednesday the terrorists marched across the border unopposed. Some were reportedly carrying over $100 million in cash which they received from Iran and Saudi Arabia. Others were returning after receiving military training in Iran.

The Olmert government had nothing to say about Egypt's open collusion with Israel's enemies. And how could it? Admitting that Egypt is an enemy state would harm the pro-national rape gang's peace narrative. For them, Egypt is the head of the "moderate camp."

Rather than acknowledge this reality, Olmert showers Mubarak with praise. In his interview with the Post, he said, "When I even think of how things would be if we were dealing with people other than Mubarak, well, I pray every day for his well-being and good health."

The truth is that so far, Olmert's gambit has been successful. All the public's attempts to force him to resign - over Lebanon, over Gaza and over allegations of Olmert's massive corruption — have been scuttled. Guarding their man, the pro-national rape camp has given little to no media backing to popular calls for his removal from office. Landau and his friends are fully willing to lose wars and be led by morally impaired, incompetent leaders if doing so facilitates the international rape of their country.

Take Landau's Ha'aretz employee, columnist Yoel Marcus for example. In his December 14 column, Marcus called for Olmert to be forced from office. Just one week later, emphasizing the importance of the peace process, Marcus said that Olmert must stay in power after the Winograd report is published.

There are officials in Washington who claim that Bush is angry at Olmert. They say that Bush expected Olmert to stand up to Rice when she became overtly hostile to Israel in the lead up to the Annapolis conference. These officials argue that if Olmert were just to stand up to Rice, the president would finally have the opportunity to push her aside and marginalize her.

It is hard to know what to make of this claim. Unfortunately, we won't see it tested any time soon. Controlled by the rape Israel crowd, Olmert needs Rice's pressure. And so he told the Post that Bush, (and by extension Rice), is "not doing a single thing that I don't agree to. He doesn't support anything that I oppose."
Read it all. (The full Olmert interview is not online yet. Hat Tip to Storemanager for finding the Glick article, which the Post has not yet put online either).

Unfortunately, Glick is right. Olmert is really asking for the US to 'force' us to go back to the Auschwitz borders. Is there a solution? Short of a massive terror attack - God forbid - while Bush is in Israel, I have my doubts anything can be done to stop Olmert from giving away our safety, security and perhaps the very existence of the Jewish state. But at least someone is trying. I got the following during the night last night from One Jerusalem:
On the day before President Bush begins his visit to Israel, One Jerusalem will be sponsoring a human chain around the Old City connected by Gold Ribbons.
The Human Chain is an expression of support for a united Jerusalem.
The Human Chain is grassroots opposition to Prime Minister Olmert's declaration that Jerusalem should be divided.
The Human Chain is the Jewish people rejecting the defeatism of the Olmert government.
The Human Chain will form on Tuesday January 8 at the Jaffa Gate at 2:30 PM. At 4 PM the assembled will pledge their allegiance to protect Jerusalem.
In Israel people interested in joining should call 1-800-20-20 or visit www.1jr.co.il.
Bli neder (without promising - we Orthodox Jews try not to promise anything), I am going to try to make it. I hope you will too.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Ehud Olmert's first concern is political survival. As long as he does what the branja want, he stays in office. Once he has become expendable, he's yesterday's news. For now, he's still useful enough to serve them.

At 7:50 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Although my Lubav friends get mad at me when I say this, but with kapo vermin like Olmert et al is yerida and intermarriage such a bad thing? Or is it a way to flush away our dreck?


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