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Monday, April 25, 2016

Wealth causes terrorism?

Moadim l'Simcha, a Happy Holiday to all of you.

The 19-year old terrorist who blew up a Jerusalem bus last Monday did not come from an impoverished home. In fact, he lived a life of privilege, much like the Saudi 9/11 terrorists. And that worries the Israeli authorities.
His uncles are prosperous merchants. He did not grow up in a refugee camp. He went on shopping trips to Jordan.
But the cover photo on his Facebook page includes the image of Yahya Ayyash, a.k.a. “The Engineer,” the chief bombmaker for Hamas, who likely was killed by an exploding mobile phone planted by Israeli agents in 1996.
On Monday afternoon, 19-year-old Abdel Hamid Abu Srour boarded the Egged No. 12 bus and placed a package between his legs. His uncles think that it might have been his first visit to Jerusalem.
His seat was above the vehicle’s gas tanks, according to Israeli news media. His relatives scoffed at the idea that Abu Scour would know how to make a bomb himself.
His high school grades were poor enough that he wanted to retake subjects and redo his exams.
Who gave him the bomb and how it was detonated is the object of a fast-moving investigation.
Hamas claimed that Abu Srour was a member of the Islamist militant movement, although the Gaza-based terrorist group did not assert direct responsibility for the bombing.
Israeli police announced Thursday that they had arrested several members of a Hamas cell in Bethlehem tied to the case.
The 'Palestinian Authority' tried to portray Abu Srour as a poor 'refugee.' But that's yet another lie.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health described Abu Srour as a resident of the Aida refugee camp, a tough, politicized neighbourhood of tight, twisting alleys where the walls are painted with murals of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and covered with the faded posters of dead teenagers hailed as martyrs, killed either attacking Israelis or in clashes with Israeli troops.
But his relatives said Abu Srour was more of a Palestinian preppy, the scion of a well-to-do and well-known clan of eight prosperous brothers, who own and operate a string of furniture outlets and are rich enough to take their young sons for holidays in Jordan and to set them up with their own shops selling clothes.
“We are financially comfortable, you could say very comfortable,” said his uncle Mahmoud Abu Srour, who was gathered with relatives in a courtyard at a family house in Bethlehem awaiting the return of his nephew’s body so they could bury him.
Abu Scour’s teenage cousins listened to their uncles speak but kept silent. They wore pricey watches, skinny jeans and fancy sneakers.
Abu Srour’s father declined to speak on the record. He was exhausted, he said. His family said his DNA was used to identify his son. He said the body was unrecognizable to him.
Earlier in the day, the father denied in an interview with Reuters that his son had any connection to Hamas, which had announced Wednesday that Abu Scour was the bomber and that he was an affiliate of the group.
“I never thought my son would do such an act,” the father said. “My son did not make me feel, even for 1 per cent, that he has feelings or thoughts like that. Never.”
But Abu Srour apparently WAS connected to Hamas and his family didn't totally discourage terrorism. It just tried to keep their children safe.
But on his Facebook page, there is a photo Abu Srour with a Hamas flag. Israeli news media also reported that before he died, Abu Srour had given his mother a photograph of himself wearing a Hamas scarf. The Jerusalem Post reported that Abu Srour’s relatives gave out sweets on the street to celebrate his martyrdom in the bomb blast.
And of course, the family is blaming the victim - Israel.

As if we're the ones who are ambivalent or worse about our children's involvement in terrorism.... 

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At 1:34 AM, Blogger Web_learner said...

If the poor demented innocents' families were to be sued and ALL their property expropriated to pay the damages of the victims and hospital bills - then maybe just maybe there would not be sweets handed out.


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