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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bernie's 'Jewish Outreach' Director: F*** You Bibi

Greetings from... well, you can guess where.

Bernie Sanders has appointed a 'Jewish outreach' director. He need not have bothered. In a March 3, 2015 Facebook post, the director, one Simone Zimmerman, threw a slew of expletives - including the "F" word - at Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Here's the original unedited post:

Zimmerman later edited the post to replace 'a-hole' with 'politician' and 'F-you' with 'shame on you.' But the internet has a long memory, and as Noah Pollak points out, the edits won't help Sanders much.
The choice of Zimmerman, a young anti-Israel activist with a history of support for the BDS movement, signaled that the Sanders campaign was not retreating from recent campaign behavior that many in the pro-Israel community viewed as hostile.
Sanders turned down an invitation to speak at the annual AIPAC conference, a bipartisan campaign stop for Republican and Democratic politicians. Zimmerman condemned Hillary Clinton’s speech to the AIPAC conference as “racist and orientalist.” Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer on Sunday called Sanders’s recent comments about Israel’s conduct during fighting with the Hamas terrorist group “libelous.”
Zimmerman comes to the Sanders campaign after a stint as an undergraduate at Berkeley, where she headed the campus chapter of J Street, an anti-Israel lobbying and activist group.
Last year, Zimmerman promoted a play called Martyr’s Street, whose plot compares an Israeli settler to a Hamas bomb-maker. While a student at Berkeley in 2012, she signed a letter criticizing the University of California system for issuing a report about anti-Semitism on UC campuses. The next year, Zimmerman wrote an op-ed calling on Hillel International, a national Jewish student organization, to sponsor campus events promoting the BDS movement, which seeks Israel’s destruction.
Maybe Bernie doesn't want any Jewish votes. He certainly doesn't want any pro-Israel votes. 

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At 1:05 PM, Blogger Chana said...

Would a Nazi "Aktion" be considered "Jewish outreach" as well? Just asking.

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This can be called an unforced error by Bernie Sanders. If this is the "Jewish Outreach Director," then this says volumes about Sanders.

To Zimmerman: Bibi may not speak for you, but he speaks for the citizens of Israel, and this is all he needs to speak for. He does not have to speak for the "international community" and he does not have to speak for American Jews or Jews elsewhere in the world. In fact, the policies Zimmerman and Jews like her are advocating policies that would actually harm Israel. They do so supposedly "in the best interests of Israel." We may not always agree on what Israel does, but the prime minister must be concerned about his country--first over any concerns we may have about his policies--and we have to accept that.


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