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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Breaking: Part of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport evacuated

Great.... Just great....

Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport has been evacuated in the last few minutes due to a possible bomb or suspicious package. It is still unclear what is going on. The Leiden train station in Amsterdam has also been evacuated.

Let's go to the videotape.




Here's more:
A section of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been evacuated after the arrest of a suspect, a spokesperson has told ITV News.
Social media users report armed police are patrolling the airport and hundreds of people have been evacuated from the commercial section.
Great.... Is there anyplace safe in Europe anymore?


Three more updates at the same link:
1. A bomb disposal robot is investigating a suspicious package at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, according to Airlive.
Pictures of the scene were shared on social media:
Hundreds have been evacuated from the commercial square in the airport and one person has been arrested, authorities say.
Air traffic has so far not been affected, the airport said.
2.Parts of Schiphol Airport remain closed following reports of a suspicious package.
The official Twitter account for the airport has tweeted that air traffic has 'not been affected' by the incident.
3.A section of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been evacuated following reports of a suspicious package.
One person has been arrested, a spokesperson for the airport has told ITV News.
 So glad I fly through Europe....


The Sheraton Hotel near the airport has also been evacuated and two more people have been arrested.

The Europeans are so totally clueless about airport security it's pathetic (not to mention that in many airports, you have to wonder whose side the security people are on).

Not a good situation.

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At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"... totally clueless ..."

Passing thru Schiphol several years ago, I was carrying a set of tiny electronics tweezers. I can still see the look in the Security inspector's eyes as she pulled those out of my carry-on bag and turned to stare at me. Until a co-worker convinced her otherwise, she appeared quite convinced that I was ObL's demented (and Anglo) half-brother.


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