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Monday, February 08, 2016

Oh my... Somali bomber was meant to be on Turkish Air flight

A Somali suicide bomber who was sucked out a hole in a Daallo Airlines flight from Mogadishu to Dijbouti last Tuesday was actually meant to be on a Turkish Air flight to Turkey along with 73 other passengers.
The 74 passengers aboard the flight were originally checked in with Turkish Airlines, which flies to Somalia three times per week, Mohamed Ibrahim Yasin Olad, Daallo Airlines chief told Al Jazeera on Sunday.
"They were not our passengers. Turkish Airlines cancelled its flight from Mogadishu that morning because their incoming flight from Djibouti could not come to Mogadishu because of what they said was strong wind," Olad said.
"They requested we carry the passengers on their behalf to Djibouti where they would continue their journey on a Turkish Airlines flight," Olad added.
And the Turks? They're trying to disown the whole story.
"Turkish Airlines have not been in contact with us since the incident happened. You can say they are trying to distance themselves from the incident." Olad said.
Turkish Airlines suspended its flights to Somalia on Tuesday.
Al Jazeera contacted Turkish Airlines for comment but so far did not get a response.

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