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Sunday, April 12, 2015

24 days - The truth about Ilan Halimi HY"D to be released on April 24

Received via email:
My name is Heidi Oshin and I work with Menemsha Films, a film distribution company. We are the distributors of the French film "24 Jours: La Verite sur l'affaire Ilan Halimi" (a/k/a "24 Days") (see the synopsis below). I am writing to let you know about the theatrical release of this film nationally.
We are opening "24 Days" on April 24, 2015. "24 Days" will have a nationwide release on that day. The film will be playing in several areas of South Florida, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and a few other cities currently being finalized. "24 Days" will also be available in the US and Canada on iTunes the same day.
"24 Days" is a very timely film and is certainly riveting. Screen Daily writes that French director Alexandre Arcady delivers one of the most “wrenching and politically astute” films to come out of France. Given the news of rampant anti-Semitism sweeping Europe, the film's message should be heard as widely as possible.
I am happy to provide you with a link to the film and trailer for your previewing. We are also happy to provide you with posters and flyers (either or both hard copies or digitally) as well a email blasts that you can send on to your email lists. Please let your friends, family, colleagues and students know about this important film.
I look forward to hearing back from you,
Here's a synopsis of the film:
January 20, 2006. After dinner with his family, Ilan Halimi called an attractive girl he had met at work and made plans to meet her for coffee. Ilan did not suspect a thing; he was 23 and had his whole life ahead of him. The next time Ilan’s family heard from him, it was through a cryptic online message from kidnappers demanding a ransom in exchange for their son’s life. Based on a book co-written by the victim’s mother, Ruth Halimi, director Alexandre Arcady’s cinematic adaptation offers a vicious circle of dangerously realistic events: from the kidnapping and torture of Ilan Halimi at the hands of the Gang of Barbarians, to the the 600-plus phone calls, insults, and threats received by the family, through the Parisian police’s incompetence in dealing with what was clearly an anti-Semitic crime.-- -- --
Menemsha Films
Heidi Bogin Oshin
2601 Ocean Park Blvd., Suite 100
Santa Monica, California 90405
Tel 310.452.1775
Fax 310.452.3740
Hope it  becomes available online.

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