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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Finally: Netanyahu and Obama agree on something

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and US President Barack Hussein Obama have finally found something on which they can agree. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu told reporters trailing him on his Passover vacation that he agrees with President Obama's assertion that Iran will have a zero breakout time to nuclear weapons at the end of the interim period in last week's 'agreement.'
"Israel shares the view that upon the expiration of the nuclear agreement with Iran [or after the first decade] the latter's breakout time to achieve nuclear weapons will be zero,” Netanyahu said.

“This will be the inevitable result of the automatic lifting of the restrictions [on its nuclear program], which would enable Iran to achieve an industrial-grade production capability,” he said.

Since the details of the framework agreement became clear to him, he has spoken out against it repeatedly and urged the six world powers to continue with its sanctions on the regime until it can reach a better agreement with Iran.

“The alternative to this bad agreement is not war, but a good agreement, which can be achieved, but to do this we have to stand firm, and insist on the terms that will secure the safety of Israel, the region and the world,” he said in a statement that he issued while touring the Negev during the Passover holiday.

The US State Department and Israel believe Iran now has a break out time of two to three months, which is the amount of time it would take for it to be ready to produce a nuclear weapon.
At least Obama can't complain that Netanyahu is always a contrarian.

What could go wrong?

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