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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Israel's most decorated soldier: Wiping out Iran's nuclear capability would take one night

America's liberal media thought it had a good laugh on Wednesday when Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) said that wiping out Iran's nuclear capability militarily would be a breeze. But here's the funny thing: Israel's former Defense Minister and most decorated soldier agrees. Ehud Barak compared an operation to wipe out Iran's nuclear capability to the operation that targeted Osama Bin Laden.
In an interview on CNBC, Barak said the operation would take only “a fraction of one night” and added that “the Iranians can do nothing about it, except for attacking Israel.”
“The administration uses the term ‘war,’” Barak said “and people are thinking that probably it is something like a war on Iraq or a war on Afghanistan, [but] that’s not the case. Technically speaking, the Pentagon and the armed forces of America under the backing and probably directive of the [US] president [could] create an extremely effective means to destroy the Iranian nuclear military program over a fraction of one night.”
Barak, who also served as Israel’s defense minister, said that on a “spectrum between the War on Iraq and the killing of Osama bin Laden it is much closer to killing Osama bin Laden.”
This “is something that should be understood” Barak added, “the Iranians can do nothing about it, except for attacking Israel.”
Barak’s assessment of what a military intervention against Iran’s nuclear program might look like followed his advice that Iran should be given a clear ultimatum to abandon its nuclear project “or else.” He sharply criticized the White House’s negotiation strategy saying that US concessions are far more entrenched than Iran’s because as a democracy the US can’t shift its positions on a whim.
He said, “All of us prefer a solution that might be reached through negotiations, but in order to negotiate, the other side should understand and believe… that if they will not come to terms with the real demands, to put all of the enriched material out of Iran, to close Fordo, to stop all working on weaponization, on making the preparations for weapons. If all this is not agreed right now, they face the alternatives.”
The former prime minister’s comments serve as an indication of how widespread the criticism of the recently announced framework agreement is in Israel, spanning across the political spectrum.
Yes, across the political spectrum. You see, Ehud Barak's political party was the Labor party.

Here's the interview. Let's go to the videotape.

Barak was Prime Minister Netanyahu's commander in Sayeret Matkal, Israel's most elite army force. Why doesn't Obama get it? Maybe this is why:

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At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Israel shouldn't count on Barack Obama. If his actions haven't proven to Mr. Netanyahu that he's not just the enemy of America but Israel as well, nothing will convince him. Israel should wipe Iran of any and all nuclear capabilities. Hell, Muslims enjoy living in the 7th century anyway.


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