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Sunday, January 18, 2015

No time for France, but time to take in 'jewel of Muslim art' in India

President Hussein Obama had no time to go to Paris last Sunday to identify with the victims of Islamic terror, but next week he will be taking his wife Mooch to India for four days. As part of the trip, they will be visiting the Taj Mahal, which is the 'jewel of Muslim art' in India. This is from the first link (Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit).
Obama, who will be the first U.S. president to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade, will be accompanied by his wife Michelle Obama and a team of senior officials in his administration.
On the first day of his visit, the American president and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are to hold talks on the entire gamut of bilateral ties and discuss ways to enhance ties in defense and nuclear energy. The two sides have already decided to renew a new defense pact for 10 years and to start joint development and production of military hardware.
Obama’s visit, his second to India, is also expected to give a fillip to the seven-year-old civil nuclear deal, stalled over tough provisions in the Civil Nuclear Liability Act here.

During the September meeting between Obama and Modi, the two leaders decided to set up a high-level Contact Group on civil nuclear cooperation. The group has held two rounds of detailed discussions on a range of implementation issues, including administrative, liability, technical and licensing to facilitate the establishment of U.S.-designed nuclear power plants in India.

After their meeting, Modi and Obama will make press statements. The U.S. president will also attend the banquet in his honor by President Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhawan, according to information available here.
On the second day of his visit, Obama will attend the Republic Day parade and later, along with Modi, take part in a CEO roundtable.On the final day of the visit, Obama is expected to address a town hall. However, the time and place have not been finalized.

An advance U.S. team is scheduled to be here this week to finalize security and protocol issues with its Indian counterparts.
Before his departure from India, the president and the First Lady are to visit the Taj Mahal, the monument to love in Agra. Obama's wife Michelle accompanied the U.S. president during their four-day trip in 2010 but the couple could not travel to Agra,

Anyone want to make bets as to how much this trip will cost the American taxpayer? I guess the Taj was one of the places on Mooch's list.... /sigh

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