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Thursday, August 07, 2014

John Kerry, girlyman

Howie Cahh, who can be wicked funny and wicked smaht, has some fun with John FN Kerry.
Has Vladimir Putin seen this photo of John Kerry yet? Has Benjamin Netanyahu?
When they do, I think one of them will be laughing and the other — well, no, even Bibi will be cracking up when he sees Hamas’ best buddy wobbling on a bicycle on Nantucket last weekend.
A girl’s bike.
A girl’s pink bike.
As usual with these annual summer photos on Nantucket, Kerry looks surprised that someone just walking along happens to have a cellphone camera. It’s happened to Liveshot how many times now, just on Nantucket, and he’s still astounded that it’s happened again.
Apparently, he still believes it’s 1984, and the only photographers are from the Globe, and if they take another embarrassing shot, he can just call Mr. Winship or Mrs. Winship and get it killed.
Now, embarrassing photos go around the world when the Globe is Photoshopping tomorrow’s halo above Liveshot’s exquisitely coiffed mane.
Behind him, you can see his new white dog — could his name be Surrender? I don’t see a baggie in Mr. Secretary’s hand, nor do I see Glenn Johnson trailing behind him. That’s a job his aide Johnson is well-suited for — following behind, cleaning up messes left by a clueless Democrat and his pup. After all, Glenn was Kerry’s head cheerleader at the Globe.
I just got back from Dallas, where I went to the museums for George W. Bush and JFK. They have some amazing photos at both locations, but after seeing this last photo of the secretary of state, I have an idea for where John Kerry’s “mu­seum” should go.
On Nantucket, where his greatest photos have been taken.
I don't think Netanyahu would be at all surprised to see Kerry riding on a girly bike. Remember this?

It's all part of the difference of mentality between Netanyahu and this administration.

Read the whole thing.

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