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Thursday, August 07, 2014

American psychologist to Lancet: 'Have you no shame'?

The Lancet is likely Britain's premier medical journal. I have written previously about their publishing an outrageously anti-Semitic post called An open letter for the people of Gaza, and their subsequent refusal to publish responses from Israeli doctors.

I am going to share with you a response that I received privately from American psychologist Dr. Kenneth Price of Dallas, Texas:
To Wisia Wedzicha,

I am an American psychologist living in Dallas Texas. Formerly an Assistant Professor at Southwestern Medical School, I am currently in independent practice. My funded research projects were in the areas of stress, cardiovascular disorders, migraine headaches, ptsd and depression. I published in many refereed journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine and in British journals such as the Journal of Psychosomatic Research. I take very seriously the scientific endeavor of medical and psychological research into understanding the human condition, explicating human (and other mammalian) behavior and ailments, methods of treatment and methods for improving the human condition. Publishing results of research in appropriate journals is the way scientists share their work, spread their ideas and findings and make it possible for researchers to make advances in the assessment and treatment of, say, illness, - allowing researchers outside our own labs to further knowledge by “standing on the shoulders” of other researchers, replicating or advancing previous findings and or theories.

The sine qua non of published research or theoretical articles is that they be honest and accurate, rigorous and objective. One of the ways the quality of publications is assured is the tradition of reviewing submitted articles by peers (not the House of Lords type) with specialized knowledge of the subject of articles under review.

I have come to be aware of the recent article you have published in the online version of the Lancet, similar to an article you published in 2010, both of which are nothing less than political tracts, assaults on truth, assaults on integrity, assaults on honesty and vile anti-Semitic assaults masquerading as (un)reasoned attacks on the State of Israel for imagined war crimes, imagined by the Jew-obsessed authors of this despicable piece of drivel. Skimming the article, I found not a shred of accuracy in any of the claims made against Israel in its ongoing war against the Islamic Barbarians of Hamas. It is not my intention to respond - to the best of my ability - to the farrago of lies and distortions in this article. I shan’t waste my time. I shall leave it to Israeli physicians,— on the ground witnesses to the inhuman crimes of Hamas, which uses its civilians as human shields, while it lets fly thousands of rockets aimed solely at Israeli civilians in farms, towns and cities, without regard for the lives of Israeli men, women or children, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze or whatever.

It is my intention, though, to request a reply from you to the question of why the Lancet would print an article that has nothing to do with medicine, that is clearly a political, vicious and propagandistic attack on Israel, the only decent, civilized, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multilingual law-abiding country in the Middle East, if not the world. I doubt that this article was peer-reviewed or fact checked at all. Given that you previously published a similar article during the last Hamas aggression against Israel and received an adequate number of responses from outraged readers complaining about the article’s lies and distortions, I am puzzled why you would once again publish a submitted article from known terrorist supporters (of the 9/11 attack on the United States, for one thing), that would be more appropriate for a journal like the Volkischer Beobachter or Der Sturmer? Why would you sully the reputation of the Lancet by publishing a piece of trash, drivel, — which, if you publish it in your print journal will forever disgrace the Lancet and provide your imprimatur for a vile piece of dreck that will serve as fodder and scientific underpinning if not justification for the vilification of Jews and Jewish doctors by anti-Semites and Islamist Jihadists around the world?

What kind of people are you? I understand that in Great Britain the people of your greatest city elected a Communist anti-Semite as mayor. The anti-Semitic pap that flowed from his mouth was disgusting. But has the scientific and medical community in the UK now descended to the depths of disrepute and bowed to Islamist sovereignty by publishing Jihadist claptrap and propaganda - false in its essence in every accusation- in your (formerly?) most prestigious medical journal? Gentlemen, have you no shame? At long last, have you no shame?

Kenneth Price, Ph.D., DAAPM
Diplomate American Academy of Pain Management,
Clinical and Forensic Psychology
Dallas TX
I could not agree more. 

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