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Monday, July 28, 2014

Liveblog: Netanyahu speaking

Netanyahu: We will not end this operation without neutralizing the tunnels which aim to destroy our population and our land. That's unequivocal.

The war against the tunnels is a necessity for demilitarizing Gaza. Demilitarizing Gaza has to be part of any solution and the 'international community' must forcefully demand it rather than supplying money, cement and concrete to Hamas for more tunnels. There must be supervision.

It is impossible for Israel's citizens to live under the constant threat of rockets and infiltrations. Hamas rejected every cease fire offer and has been cruel to our citizens and to its own.

I said and I repeat that we must be prepared for a long war. We will continue to act with force and sobriety until we accomplish the goal.

Defense Minister Yaalon: We will not compromise on the security of our population. We will continue to fight to destroy tunnels and rockets and missiles.  If the terror organizations think they can defeat us, they will see in the coming days that won't be the case. We will not be afraid and we will continue until Hamas understands that they cannot defeat us. We will hit them from land, air and sea in the coming days.

We are sorry for every civilian casualty but they will not come before our population. We are dealing with the tunnels now. The soldiers are aware of the magnitude of the tasks. We ask everyone to support the IDF in its sacred work. We wish the wounded a speedy recovery and reach out to the families of those who died.

They're taking questions.

Yaalon says the IDF did not hit Shifa Hospital.

Says we will get anywhere Hamas is hiding. 

Says the population has to have patience.

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At 8:39 PM, Blogger Portia's Mom said...

Our prayers are with you.

At 3:48 AM, Blogger Bumblebee said...

IDF must continue the task it has begun - more than one thousand terrorists and potential terrorists so far eliminated. The IDF must now continue to complete the establishment of individual ghettos in Gaza in the same way as individual ghettos have been created in the West Bank. In this way the gazan population can be sub-divided into militarily-manageable components which, in conjunction with the continuing air/land/sea blockade and the restrictions on foodstuff imports, should effectively reduce the organisational capability of Hamas and the combat effectiveness of its members and the standard of health of the ghetto populations. Overwhelming military superiority should then remove the need for a political accommodation and facilitate the exercise of complete sovereignty. The government of Ysrael would then have the capability to institute arrangements to later confine the populations within secure areas and subsequently to initiate permanent population control measures.


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