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Monday, July 28, 2014

Breaking: IDF kills four terrorists who infiltrated near Nahal Oz

Israel Radio is reporting that the IDF has killed four terrorists who infiltrated near Nahal Oz. The area is apparently not far from where the mortar shell killed four Israelis earlier. If there's an explicit connection between them, no one is saying. JPost says 5 terrorists.
Palestinian gunmen slipped into Israel from the Gaza Strip on Monday and penetrated Kibbutz Nahal Oz near the border before being repelled by the army, adding that five terrorists had been killed.

Hamas Islamists said in a statement their "fighters" had killed 10 Israeli soldiers in the incident before returning home safely.

Residents of the kibbutz and nearby communities were asked to remain in their homes earlier on Monday evening due to the suspected security incident.
Netanyahu is due to speak in about 10 minutes. I will live blog it.

IDF is evacuating Zeitoun neighborhood of Jabalya. Probably as preparation for destroying tunnels.

Anyone still wonder why Israel doesn't want a cease fire until all the tunnels are destroyed.

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