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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This is rich: Ship that was to carry exports from Gaza to Europe mysteriously sinks

A ship (okay, it's a bit small to call a ship) that was to carry exports from Gaza to Europe mysteriously sank after an explosion early Tuesday morning. This from the ship's web site.
At 3:45 AM Gaza time on April 29th, the night guard on board Gaza's Ark received a call to leave the boat because it was going to be attacked.

The guard left, but when nothing happened, he returned after 5 minutes. A few minutes later, a large explosion rocked the boat causing extensive damage.

The boat sank part way and is now sitting on the shallow sea floor. The guard was not injured but was taken to hospital for tests.

Mahfouz Kabariti, Gaza’s Ark Project Manager, says: “The extent and nature of the damage are currently being investigated. We will provide an update when available.”

"Gaza’s Ark and all our partners in the Freedom Flotilla Coalition are considering our next move in response to this cowardly act of terrorism, but our position remains clear: Neither this nor any other attack will stop our efforts to challenge the blockade of Gaza until it ends," adds David Heap of Gaza's Ark Steering Committee.

"Freedom Flotilla boats have been sabotaged before. This attack comes as we were almost ready to sail. You can sink a boat but you can't sink a movement," concludes Ehab Lotayef, another member of the Steering Committee.

Sorry but terrorism involves randomly killing innocent people - not warning the one person who could be hurt to get away. That would argue against this being an internal Hamas-Islamic Jihad dispute. Maybe....

The JPost adds:
The ship intended to sail from Gaza carrying produce to Europe, Palestinian News Agency Ma'an reported. If the activists succeeded in their mission, it would be the first time since the Oslo accords in 1994 that goods from Gaza had been exported by sea.
Only the Europeans would be stupid enough to allow their public to buy produce grown in sewer water. I hope that if it ever gets to Europe it is clearly marked so that all the useful idiots will know to buy it.

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