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Monday, April 28, 2014

New Israel Fund 'activists': 'The Holocaust is a whore who justifies the occupation'

You can't make this stuff up. The New Israel Fund has reached new heights of anti-Semitism with the dissemination of the video below called 'The Holocaust visits Yad Vashem' (Yad Vashem is Israel's national Holocaust memorial).

Let's go to the videotape (language warning). More after the video.

And the connection to the New Israel Fund? That's here (link in Hebrew). Here's a partial translation:
But beyond the academic interest in a Naziphile fantasy like this one, it would  be worthwhile on this day to take an interest in the small people who stand in the background. These are the transparent activists, the epitome of the 'other,' without whom this sort of snorting production would be impossible. The first, the  honored matron Moran Sharir, the producer and photographer, who showed off her dream regarding the return of all the 'uprooted Palestinians' to a convention of the Zochrot organization last year, and whose cinematic creations are shown off with others at the 'social television' site (25,000 from the New Israel Fund in 2012.

She and the additional photographer Guy Boktavia (also from the 'social television' of course) are the bread and butter without which the New Israel Fund's prostitution of the Holocaust would not reach our screens.

Second, but not secondary, is Mr. Itamar Shapiro, who lightly skips between activism in the anti-IDF group 'Breaking the Silence' (about 100,000 dollars from the New Israel Fund in 2012) and the establishment of the anti-IDF group 'Fighters for Peace.' In between, Shapiro found time to try to be a guide at Yad Vashem, where he was surprisingly fired after comparing the Holocaust to the occupation. A lot of investment for a cheap provocation.

And of course it would be impossible without the  Professor of Honor, the Great Teacher, the Great Oracle of the psychotic Left, Gidon 'I am a Holocaust survivor so I'm allowed' Spiro, who took the trouble to be interviewed in the video, and to inform those few who made it to 7:05 in the video that "the Holocaust victims in Israel are the manufacturers of the next Holocaust."

After it massively and actively supports the boycott of Israel, prevents the IDF from protecting the State's citizens, destroys Israel's economy in the name of utopias of equality (of blessed memory), the time has come to tell the New Israel Fund and the organizations it has spawned: Have the Jewish people not suffered enough?
With the exception of the Shapiro link (a story I covered on this blog at the time), all the rest of the links are in Hebrew.

But keep this video in mind when you see the New Israel Fund-supported groups marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade on June 1. Disgusting, isn't it?

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At 12:53 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Very very sick!

At 6:02 PM, Blogger Alex Stein said...

בעקבות פניות שקיבלנו עקב הפרסום, אנו מבקשים להבהיר כי בשום מקום בכתבה לא נטען כי הקרן החדשה לישראל הייתה מעורבת במימון הסרטון המדובר ובהפקתו. הקרן החדשה לישראל הבהירה ל'מידה' באופן שאינו משתמע לשתי פנים כי היא סולדת מהמסרים שבסרטון ומתנגדת לטענות האמורות בו. אנו מתנצלים אם הובן אחרת על ידי מי מקוראינו.

Will you be removing your lies about NIF disseminating the video?


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