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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

If the 'talks' are over, why are we still making 'gestures'?

The 'talks' between Israel and the 'Palestinians' would officially have ended today in any event, barring an extension, but it appears that the Israeli government may not yet have gotten the message. Hamas is claiming that Israel is about to turn over the bodies of several suicide terrorist bombers according to the terror organization, including the body of Izz al-Din al-Masri, the perpetrator of the August 2001 massacre at Sbarro's Pizza in Jerusalem. It goes without saying that any body turned over to Hamas will receive a hero's burial.
Hamas media sources were cited by Israel Radio on Tuesday that Israel plans to transfer the remains of Izz al-Din al-Masri, the suicide bomber who detonated himself in a Jerusalem Sbarro restaurant in 2001, to the Palestinian Authority. The attack resulted in the death of 19 people.
According to the report, the funeral is to be held in al-Masri's home village in the West Bank.
Israel is also reportedly in the process of handing over the bodies of brothers Abdel and Imad Audallah. The brothers were leaders in Hamas's military wing and were killed by Israeli security forces outside of Hebron in 2008.
A large funeral procession has been planned by the family honoring the Audallah brothers as martyrs' near Ramallah.
Israel began to exhume the remains of a number of Palestinian terrorists to return them to their families for burial early in January, 2014.
So far no denial from the Israeli government. The terrorists' bodies ought to be doused in pig fat and burned publicly or thrown into the sea wrapped in pig fat. What kind of morons run this country anyway?

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