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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The NBA's double standard

Anyone else think the NBA has a double standard when it comes to ethnic insults?

By the way, compare both of these with the five-game suspension given to French soccer player Nicolas Anelka for giving the Quenelle (Nazi) salute.

I guess the punishment depends upon whom you insult. I can't think of any other consistency in these punishments. Lots of punishment for insulting blacks, little or none for insulting Jews.

The two Knicks (Charlie Ward and Allan Houston) made their comments in a team locker room, while Donald Sterling made his in a private conversation with his girlfriend that she apparently recorded. Nicolas Anelka made his obscene gesture on the soccer pitch in front of thousands of people.

Don't tell me a major league sports owner has to set an example of sterling (pun unintentional and hello George Steinbrenner) character - I'll bet a lot more kids recognize Houston and Ward than recognize Sterling. And for cripes sake - Houston and Ward play in the same league that just banned Sterling.

But it's Sterling who was severely punished - a lifetime ban for a stupid remark during a private argument with his girlfriend. I see no explanation other than the fact that he insulted blacks, while Ward, Houston and Anelka all insulted Jews.

We're not worth much in the eyes of the PC police, are we?

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