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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Delusional, blind or just plain stupid?

Every time she opens her mouth, venom for Judaism and religious Jews comes pouring out. This time was no exception.
Speaking to law students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Livni accused “radicals” of sabotaging the peace process. She also called on Bennett not to preach to her about Jewish right to the land of Israel.
"On my way here I heard the speech of another minister in the government, which sounded patriotic - a strong army, a people holding on to their land,” she said, mocking Bennett.
"The argument is not an argument about a right,” declared Livni. “No one will preach to me about who believes more about the right of the people of Israel to the land of Israel. I believe that the people of Israel have a right to the entire land of Israel, but the argument is not about this issue. The question is whether the Zionist vision comes at the price of a Jewish democratic state.”
She continued, "Part of the problem is that the average politician is split between those who elected him - members of a party’s central committee and ideological organizations which take control of the parties to promote a specific agenda which is usually more radical than that of voters - and the general public. That’s how we find ourselves waking up once a week to read headlines about annexing the Jordan Valley.”
"The ministers are not stupid - they understand that this harms the State of Israel, its security, that we are currently in the midst of a process that deals with maintaining our security. But they play the game, because they owe the radical groups within their party. So why not also propose a bill that would forbid us from negotiating, just because Miri Regev wants to gain a few more votes from her own party?” charged Livni.
“Those who do not make the distinction between isolated settlements and settlement blocs are those who will ultimately send us back to the ‘1967 borders,'" she claimed. "This makes me angry because it’s deceit - they are trying to claim that there are those who are concerned over security and who are speaking in the name of Zionism and the land of Israel, and the rest do not.”
"I'm angry because this is not just about political differences - this is a case where a minority imposes its opinion on the majority for decades,” said Livni.
In his speech earlier Tuesday, Bennett said that the words “1967 borders” have been used to conceal the true weight of the concessions being demanded by the Palestinian Authority (PA).
Still trying to figure out why Bennett agreed to go into a government with her in the first place... 

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At 2:56 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

It's all a mystery. Not. The Globes has reported the press release headlines before, but so far, no one seems to have been the kind of reporter who ties it all together and puts it in context for the people.

BTW, even though the Govts are wheeling and dealing re solar, wind, geothermal, if I were Israeli I would scream bloody murder to keep the scheming Govts OUT of the oil & gas fracking business. There was an article a couple of weeks ago about some new Govt-to-Govt agency between the US and Israel to get involved in O&G. The private sector, if you want such a thing, has decades of experience in the technology and in running the financing. The Govts really have no necessary role in the O&G business. But they are trying to get in there, because Progressive Leftist Govts HAVE to control everything in people's lives, especially the poor and their energy supply, so that they can lean on them to show up for "voting", street demonstrations, etc. to keep power.


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