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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Peace Now director praises 'Palestinian' mob for beating up Jews

Peace Now director general Yariv Guggenheimer Googleheimer praised 'Palestinian' villagers who beat up a group of Jews on Tuesday.
According to Oppenheimer, the mob deserves praise for not killing the Jews.
“Good job to the residents of the village of Kusra, who kept alive the ‘price tag’ activists who came to bring judgment on them,” Oppenheimer wrote in a post to Facebook, repeating as fact the attackers’ claims that the Jewish men had planned to vandalize Arab property in a “price tag” revenge attack for the destruction of Jewish vineyards.
“If the situation were reversed, and Palestinians had entered a settlement to hurt Jews, it would have ended in a lynch and in deaths,” he claimed. “Under the claim of ‘self defense.’”
Oppenheimer’s proposed reverse situation is not mere theory: in 2012, an Arab mob from Kusra descended on the town of Esh Kodesh with shouts of “kill the Jews.” However, unlike in his suggested scenario, the attackers in that incident remained alive.
Oppenheimer concluded by suggesting that the Jewish men who were detained and beaten by the mob should be put on trial. “All of the rightists should be put on trial for trying to hurt innocent people, and for endangering the lives of IDF soldiers,” he proposed.
Self-hating Jew. 

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