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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Overwhelming majority of Israelis back US attack on Syria

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

A poll of Jewish Hebrew-speaking Israelis finds that 67% support an American attack on Syria.
While in the United States and Great Britain, some 90 percent of the publics are opposed to such an attack -- in Israel, more than 66% of the Jewish Hebrew-speaking population supports an attack (only 17% opposes). With that, the exact same percentage of the population is concerned that if such an attack occurs, Israel will be drawn into a war.
This duality, which characterizes the Israeli mood and public discourse in recent weeks, receives statistical affirmation in an Israel Hayom survey conducted by New Wave Research.
Israelis believe that ultimately an attack against Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime will take place -- close to 73% of Israelis believe so. More than 57% believe if the U.S. attacks Syria, the Israel Defense Forces will act against specific targets or threats. Only 13% think that the situation will deteriorate into all-out war in the Middle East. Over 28.7% said they are not concerned that a U.S. attack will drag Israel into a war.
And a lot more Israelis are finding gas masks.
Another statistic of note coming from the survey is that over 71% of those questioned have equipped themselves with a gas mask. Of those who still have not, some 25% said they intended to do so in the coming days (some 7% of all those polled). 37% said they do not intend to get gas masks (some 10% of all those polled), and the same percentage said they have not yet decided. 

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