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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If you're going to make us come to these talks, at least find an honest broker

Israelis strongly protested US Secretary of State John Kerry's choice of former Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk to be the US representative to the possibly upcoming 'negotiations.' Indyk is the co-chairman of the New Israel Fund.
The NIF was infamously found to have sponsored left-wing Israeli organizations that provided 92% of the Israel-based quotes which appeared in the Goldstone Report – a United Nations report on Israel's "Cast Lead" counter-terrorism operation which was slammed as one-sided and defamatory of Israel.
Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon has already sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opposing the appointment of Indyk as a go-between in the talks.
“The former ambassador, Mr. Martin Indyk, is the Chair of the International Council of the New Israel Fund which provides funding to anti-Zionist organizations that accuse Israel of war crimes,” wrote Danon in the letter.
“I request that you ask the American administration for an honest broker for these negotiations.”
The NIF's critics note that it funds organizations that encourage legal proceedings against Israeli soldiers and officials in various countries, and organizations that are active in the BDS movement and Israel apartheid week.
Ronen Shoval, chairman of Im Tirzu - a grassroots Israel Zionist movement - called on the US administration to replace Indyk, in favour of a "more honest broker."
"The Israeli public is already deeply suspicious and sceptical about these talks. Appointing someone from the New Israel Fund to such a crucial position will make them lose faith entirely - they just won't trust someone from the NIF," he added.
As long as they don't bring us Rob Malley instead.

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