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Friday, May 17, 2013

Livni wants to call vandalism terrorism

Hot off her attempt to 'get' the Haredim by declaring discrimination against women to be a crime, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni now wants to go after her other favorite group, the 'settlers.' Livni wants to declare 'price tag attacks,' which in other countries would be termed vandalism, to be terror attacks.
In a statement issued by Livni and Aharonovitch’s offices Thursday night, the ministries said that in regards to price-tag attacks, Aharonovitch, Livni and Weinstein “see eye to eye on the need for more serious steps to be taken, including making sure law enforcement have the tools at hand to deal with the criminals responsible.”
They also said that they “see with severity the seeping of price-tag attacks into Israel, and the danger inherent in damaging relations with Arab Israelis.”
Participants at the meeting discussed harsher steps to deter such incidents, including legally defining “price-tag” incidents as acts of terror, according to political sources.
In the past, Weinstein has opposed such a legal definition, but according to sources, he is weighing shifting that opinion, given that the legal tools available have not been able to halt the price-tag incidents.
Livni and Aharonovitch will hold a follow-up meeting on the matter in the near future.
Morons. Declaring vandalism to be terrorism in Israel is a sure way to ensure that no one takes our claims about terrorism seriously. 

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