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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Obama increases UN funding despite sequester

Priorities, man, priorities! With the United States trillions of dollars in debt and facing a forced budget cutback through sequester, President Hussein Obama has increased the amount of money that the United States is throwing into the black hole called the United Nations (Hat Tip: Bad Blue).
So, as the Federal government continues to cut White House self-guided tours, vital military spending, air traffic control towers, and now cutting 6 percent from the State Department’s budget, the state Department is now announcing that it will increase spending on the United Nations next year. The spending increase to the United Nations will be roughly $3.6 billion in 2014.
But don’t expect that to be the final spending increase dollar amount, as Fox News reports that this is not “the final tally of Obama Administration support, as hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. development, health and other funds are usually channeled through U.N. agencies and institutions — with the U.N. agencies taking with the U.N. agencies taking administrative fees as part of the deal. The most recent tally on the website of the White House Management and Budget website, for example, lists support for the U.N. at $7.7 billion — in 2010.”
Again, what purpose does the United Nations serve?
None that I can tell, except providing a forum for Jew haters. 

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At 9:46 PM, Blogger Martin said...

So that's why Odumba won the Nobel Peace prize! They had a real sucker !


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