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Sunday, April 14, 2013

'Why I let Pamela Geller speak in my shul'

Here's Rabbi Yosef Geisinsky on why he agreed to host Pamela Geller on Sunday at the Chabad of Great Neck (Hat Tip: Zvi S).
Speaking to COLlive.com, Rabbi Geisinsky said Geller was not the radical "the media proposes" she is. "She speaks against Sharia, terror and anti-Semitism," he said, noting that he expects a crowd of over 1000 people.

He said that "99.9%" of the feedback he has received since scheduling Geller's talk has been positive. "We have been getting very positive input," he said.

"The one who was able to block (her coming to speak) was a Reform Rabbi who fought our public display of the menorah for many years and hates anything to do with Yiddishkeit," he said.

While Rabbi Geisinsky didn't mention the person by name, the Jewish Press reported that cancellation was due to "the intimidating and relentless tactics engaged in by certain leftist Jews, notably Rabbi Jerome Davidson and Rabbi Michael White."

"I knew right away, if this person is against it, I should be for it," said Rabbi Geisinsky who was in a coma recently after suffering a massive heart attack and miraculously recovered.
Rabbi Geisinsky gets what so many - even Orthodox - Jews don't get. The Jews who seek to destroy us from within are the same Jews who make themselves the protectors of radical Islam. Here in Israel, the same Jews who rail against the 'ultra-Orthodox' (and often include the 'settlers' in their rants) are often the same Jews who seek to create a 'Palestinian state.'

There's a lesson here for all of us.

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