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Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't lump the Knesset's 'new generation' together

Bernie Quigley makes some good points about the new generation in Israel's Knesset. But he makes a mistake when he lumps Moshe Feiglni with Naftali Bennett.

Feiglin is the man without an ego. He doesn't care who brings about change as long as it is brought about. He doesn't care who is Prime Minister and he doesn't care who leads his party.

Bennett is all about ego. He wants to be Israel's first religious Prime Minister. 

Feiglin was willing to pay his dues. Bennett flashed onto the scene and may yet flash away in the next election.

Most significantly, Bennett wants to make Israel more Jewish by bringing Judaism to secular Israelis. Feiglin wants to make Israel more Jewish by bringing Israelis to Judaism.

And isn't Yair Lapid also part of the new generation?

Read the whole thing.

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At 8:59 AM, Blogger David said...

Carl - I don't agree with you.

If Moshe Feiglin doesn't care who is Prime Minister why did he run against Netanyahu?

Feiglin and Bennett are very different - in their tactics and abilities, but their goals are the same. I think of them are them are a very big asset to the Knesset - each in his own way and predict that they will work very well together.
I know it bothers you that Bennett joined forces with Lapid in the coalition talks, which caused angst in the haredi camp, but to me at least it is very clear that the Haredi parties will eventually be included in the coalition - either this week or a few months down the line. If you understand Israeli politics and listen closely reading between the lines I think this is very clear.
I suggest you judge Bennett by his actions over the next few months and years, and not by the rhetoric surrounding him in the last few months.


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