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Friday, February 08, 2013

'Palestinians' remember Wafa Idris

Last week, the 'Palestinians' remembered Wafa Idris, their first female suicide bomber. Rabbi Pruzansky describes the event and why it should disturb all of us.
On January 28 (last week), Fatah – the ruling junta in the chaos known as the Palestinian Authority – fêted the deceased Wafa Idris, who 11 years ago became the first Arab female suicide bomber to murder Jews in Israel. She was praised as a “beautiful flower,” whose life’s work – so to speak – forced Israel to “revise their security considerations” that had theretofore only guarded against male suicide bombers. Her great achievement involved sneaking into Jerusalem in a Red Cross ambulance while wearing her suicide bomb vest, violating another cardinal precept of civilized society, i.e., not utilizing hospitals, ambulances, schools and children as shields from behind which one perpetrates horrific acts of terror. Of course, the world of Fatah – the “moderates,” as the credulous Western media would have it – and their acolytes are not at all civilized, but readily compete with each other in displays of barbarism and primitivism.
I remember well the Idris suicide bombing, as I was in Israel at the time, and dear friends of mine were seriously injured in the attack. Idris entered a shoe store on Jaffa Road in the heart of Jerusalem, looked around, then left the store, stood outside at a bus stop, and blew herself up. One Jew – an artist – was murdered, and more than 100 people were injured. What sounds prosaic – it happened hundreds of times during that dark period a little more than a decade ago – should be contemplated. Someone purporting to be a human being – presumably with a life to live and a family to love – willfully decided to insinuate herself into a group of complete strangers, who had never harmed her at all, and to end her life along with those of as many victims as she could take with her.
The frequency of such attacks – replicated on an even wider and savage scale in the United States by Muslim Arabs on September 11, 2001, just a few months before the attack herein – should not blind us to what should be a typical, normal reaction of sane, decent human beings: Wafa Idris was demented, but perfectly representative of a demented, diabolical people. The fact that those attacks became commonplace – and still are across the Muslim world – should not obscure their essential heinousness. They are satanic, from a different planet. Even the Nazis – malicious mass murderers – were only interested in murdering Jews, but had no fervent interest in killing themselves in the process.
Can “peace” ever be made with a society that celebrates its murderers as well as the mass homicide of innocent people? Of course not. After World War II, Germany underwent a “denazification” campaign – a systematic attempt to rid Germany and Austria of the sordid political, social, cultural and economic influences of Nazism. The theory was that German society could not be rehabilitated (or trusted) as long as the effects of Nazism lingered in the populace. Within a year, 90,000 Germans – apparently, incurable Nazis – were incarcerated, and almost 2,000,000 others were barred from meaningful employment. The Nazi poison had not yet left their systems, and so they posed a threat to the body politic. Distinctions were made between hard-core Nazis – true believers – and those who were merely followers and could be reformed. The program lasted almost five years and was a mixed success, owing to the difficulty in fully ascertaining the evil that lurks in man’s heart.
Last week, Fatah dutifully reported that Wafa’s mother said that “she is proud of her daughter, and hopes that more girls will follow in her footsteps.” Remember that Fatah is not a fringe group in Arab society, but the governing party in the PA. They are the establishment. They cannot be taken to task for their unfortunate choice of heroines, because they are perfectly reflective of the people who voted them into power. This is the world of Mahmoud Abbas – the designated “partner for peace” – not the world he purports to fight against, which is for Western eyes only. The Nazis must be defeated before they can be denazified.
Read it all.

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