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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OMG: Why is this guy taking work home?

The home of the head of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission was burglarized on Sunday night, and while the official reports are trying to downplay the idea that anything significant was stolen, you have to wonder....
Unknown assailants burglarized the home of the head of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission two nights ago at Moshav Bet Yitzhak, and made off with a briefcase full of documents, a wallet, and a mobile device, police reported on Tuesday.

The house belongs to Brigadier General Dr. Shaul Horev, head of the IAEC and a senior official in the Prime Minister's Office. Horev is in charge of Israel's nuclear energy policy, one of the most sensitive jobs in the security establishment.

Yael Doron, Spokeswoman for the IAEC, denied reports that a laptop was stolen from the house, and said that none of the documents in the briefcase were classified.

She also said that all signs indicate that the people who burglarized the house had no idea who they were targeting and the crime was purely criminal in nature.

The moshav is located in a narrow part of Israel only a few kilometers from the northern West Bank, and burglaries are highly common in the area.

On Tuesday morning Sharon sub-district police sent out a court-issued gag order which banned the publication of the identity of the owner of a house broken into in Bet Yitzhak, what was stolen, who the suspects are, and the fact that the house has surveillance cameras. A source in the Sharon sub-district would not comment on reports that Horev and his family were at home at the time of the robbery and that the burglars grabbed the suitcase from near the front door and fled shortly after entering. 

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At 4:52 PM, Blogger Will said...

Hmmm....Now that they're pushing for the 'truth' on Israel's nuclear weapons?I don't believe in co incidence.


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