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Monday, February 25, 2013

George Galloway in all his bitter, racist, anti-Semitic glory

This is where Facebook really needs a 'don't like' button.

This was posted about five hours ago (by the time you read this) to George Galloway's Facebook page. As of this writing, it has 1,891 'likes,' but who knows how many people dislike it?

It's bitter, racist, moronic, anti-Semitic and disgusting. You'll need a shower after you read it.

I am posting it only so that you won't click on his page to see it.
Me and the Palestinian cause:

A number of questions have recently arisen I need to deal with. Firstly if people want to talk to the Palestinians they need to contact the Palestine Liberation Organisation. This is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and has been for many decades. Secondly, an organisation calling itself "BDS" does not own the words or the concept of boycott, divestment or sanctions. They are entitled to their own interpretation of these words but they don't own or control me. I will make my own interpretation. And it is this - no purchase of Israeli goods or services, no normal contacts with individuals or organisations in Israel who support the existence of the racist Apartheid creed of Zionism. That's what I mean by boycott. That's what I do. Israelis who are outside of and against the system of Zionism are comrades of mine - like Prof Ilan Pappe. My opponent at Oxford University did not meet this test. The organiser of the event momentarily lionised by the liberal as well as the conservative establishment needs to know this, especially as he is a medical student. To compare Israeli Zionism to "Vegetarianism" is like a doctor not knowing the difference between a pimple and a tumor. Apartheid Israel is a cancer at the heart of the middle-east. Only it's replacement by a bi-national democratic state from the Jordan River to the sea will cure this. That is what I am fighting for.
George Galloway MP
House of Commons

This is what we are up against in the 'civilized' western world.

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