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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Egypt flushes out the smugglers

I am sure that many of you saw this story last week about how Egypt tried to shut down at least some of the Gaza smuggling tunnels by flooding them. But there was a part of the story that was unmentioned in many of the writeups. Egypt didn't use clean water to flush the tunnels. They used raw sewage.
Besides the really terrible ew factor, the consequences for the environment are as equally yuck: the Egyptian army is looking to stall and stop Gazan smugglers from digging tunnels from the Gaza Strip to Egypt’s Sinai have found a new and dirty way to flush out smugglers: they are pouring raw sewage into the underground tunnels. Leaders in Gaza are trying to figure out how this tactic bodes for future relations with the Islamic leaders in Egypt.


In the past Egypt flooded the tunnels with gas, something which was easily pumped out with clean air. The raw sewage appears to be a more effective, if not offensive, way of stopping the smugglers.
I cannot think of a better use for Muslim fecal matter. Heh.

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At 1:32 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

"I cannot think of a better use for Muslim fecal matter."

Another use that came to mind is for those anti-rioter water cannons. When the West Bank troglodytes run amuck again, think "green" and save the water, follow the Egyptian precedent and spray brown.


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