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Monday, February 04, 2013

Lebanon accuses IAF in Tyre explosion

Lebanese media is accusing Israel's air force of causing an explosion in the city of Tyre on Lebanon's south coast.
Lebanese media outlets reported on Sunday night the Israel Air Force (IAF) caused a large explosion in southern Lebanon with an air strike east of Tyre. According to Sky News, IAF planes were seen flying in Lebanese air space around the time of the explosion.
The reports follow days of so-called IAF "mock raids" over Lebanese air space, according to Lebanese news sites.
Lebanon's official National News Agency reported at the time that an explosion was heard in villages east of Tyre, although they added that the cause of the explosion was unknown.
Hezbollah’s network Al-Manar later reported that the explosion in the Tyre area was due to a stun grenade thrown by unknown assailants.
 Sounds like al-Manar is saying Israel had nothing to do with this. Hmmm.

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